In Episode 1x21, The Greater Good, Charlie is walking down the beach while carrying Aaron and singing a little tune...

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. Down came the rain and drowned the spider out.

Hurley is quick to interrupt Charlie and correct him...

Dude, it's washed. Washed the spider out. Unless it's come kind of British version?

This simple, touching scene in Season One foreshadows Charlie's drowning at the end of Season Three. But, if it really does allude to Charlie's death, then perhaps it also is a clue that Charlie's death - and maybe others - isn't so much of a death as it is a washing. And if it is a washing and not a permanent death, at least for some, what does this mean?

We've already been teased with the idea of resurrection on the island. Sayid was dead and "rose again." The episode 316 resonated resurrection throughout and made us believe initially that Locke had risen from the dead, though we discovered later he was an impostor. We're still not sure what has happened to Christian. None of the Losties should have even survived the plane crash if 815 really did "cartwheel through the jungle." In the alt timeline, Jack has been waking Locke up from his sleep in the hospital. And Patchy (Mikhail) - remember how he seemed to die a thousands deaths before he "rose again" just once more to detonate the grenade that ultimately drowned Charlie?

And speaking of Charlie's washing and its allusion to resurrection, Charlie is alive in the alternative timeline. How are those alive in the alternative timeline going to "leave" with Desmond if they are dead in the original? Sayid, Sun, Jin, Charlie, Ana Lucia, and others are alive in the alternate, and Desmond seems bent on "unplugging them from the matrix" (at least those who are ready) and getting them back to the real world. How do you merge timelines when a character is alive in one and dead in the other?

Maybe that clue was left in Charlie's washing as well.

Think about the symbols surrounding Charlie's death. He died in the Looking Glass Dharma station. This alludes to the mirrors we have seen all throughout the alt timeline. Charlie had just entered the secret code to disable the jamming signal. The secret code was Good Vibrations and was "designed by a musician." In the finale, it seems that the alternative timeline will perhaps reach its resolution with music - at the benefit concert at the museum, where everyone will be gathered together at once. The piano, a consistent symbol throughout LOST, was also the instrument that Charlie dreamed about. In that dream, his mother says, "Save us, Charlie. Save us all." And Charlie played the piano while in the water.

Perhaps in the finale we will see and understand how all of our favorite characters have been washed. Makes me think of all those times Locke found himself caught in the rain. He didn't run like everyone else did. He lifted up his eyes and his hands and welcomed the water. And our new Jacob - Jack - he became the leader of the island when he drank a cup of water - right after Jacob washed his hands (thanks @Annied for pointing that one out).


--Mystimus 03:42, May 20, 2010 (UTC)

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