I thought The Island was well represented as a character.

The Island allowed John Locke to finally go on his walkabout. It removed Kate's handcuffs and gave her a clean slate. It brought Sun and Jin back together. It helped Hurley find a girlfriend. It gave Sayid a chance to become a hero. It brought Bernard back to Rose and cured her of cancer before giving them a little house in the country. It allowed Sawyer to complete his quest and discover that there was more to life than killing and conning. It held onto Ben until he could find grace. It gave Richard 150 years or so to overcome his guilt and find purpose. It gave Jacob 2,000 years to discover that he was right - it doesn't always end the same.

And it fixed Jack, who was "stupid enough to think this island could fix" him. He wasn't stupid at all. He was right.

The brother-in-black entered the heart of the island and was transformed into the Smoke Monster - a representation of what he was when he went in. Jack entered the heart of the island and was expelled to the exact same location as the MiB's body. But Jack was no smoke monster. And he was still alive. He was unaltered. He was his true self. The island considered him transformed and complete, with no further change necessary.

Nice performance. Bravo.

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