The number five, while not one of the "big six" in terms of numbers, is nevertheless an important number in LOST.

In the first episode of LOST, Pilot, we see that Jack has a number five tattooed on his left shoulder. We also see in this episode that Jack has learned to count to five whenever he is overcome by fear. He teaches this technique to Kate, and she uses it when paralyzed by fear of her first encounter with the Smoke Monster.

In the last episode of Season 5, The Incident, we get to actually see the surgery where Jack first learns this technique. His father, Christian, sees that Jack is paralyzed by fear after rupturing the dural sac of his patient. In what at first seems a humiliating "time out," Jack follows his father's instructions to "Count to five and then fix her, Jack."

Jack reluctantly heeds his father's instructions and counts to five. He then utters a single word: sutures. The scene plays out without another word as Jack proceeds to save the girl.

The word suture comes from the Greek word soterios, meaning "to save." The number five is used consistently throughout LOST to represent salvation.

Here are just a few examples

  • In Pilot, Sayid says that Rousseau's distress signal has been playing for sixteen years and five months. The distress signal is a plea to save Rousseau.
  • In Pilot, when we, the viewers, first hear the full distress signal, we hear 17294532. Skipping the 1, we get 7-2=5, 9-4=5, 5 itself, and 3+2=5. The Losties actually hear the iteration 5 times. The last iteration ends in 5.
  • In Pilot, Jin offers his catch to several survivors. Claire, initially refusing, takes a bit of sea urchin. A sea urchin is known to have a five-fold symmetry. After eating the sea urchin, Aaron kicks, and Claire is saved from her distress that the baby has died.
  • In Pilot, Locke tells Walt that the game of backgammon is over 5,000 years old. He then says, "That's older than Jesus Christ," referring to the self-proclaimed Savior of the world.
  • The name Jacob, the one who saves us all, contains five letters.
  • The Latin phrase used to refer to Jacob as the one who saves us all, Ille qui nos omnes servabit, contains five words.
  • In Dr. Linus (alt timeline), Ben is staring into a microwave, cooking his father's dinner. His reflection is visible in the microwave. We enter the scene when the countdown timer is on number five. Ben proceeds to save his father's life by giving him the life-saving gift of oxygen, compared to the original timeline where he gassed his father to death.
  • In Dr. Linus (alt timeline), Ben's history club contains five members. Ben is trying to save these students from mediocrity and poor grades.
  • In The Lighthouse, Jacob asks Hurley to relay five words to Jack. Five words that changed his life and saved him from his fear of failure: You have what it takes.
  • The Lighthouse is the Fifth Episode of Season Six. In this episode it appears that Jack is saved from his lifelong self-condemnation while staring out at the water and realizing that Jacob has had a plan for his life all along.
  • The Lighthouse that Jacob used to watch the candidates appears to be built in five segments.
  • Jack's number, 23, is the fifth number of the series 4,8,15,16,23,42
  • The Series Finale is being aired on 5/23. This intentional move of the epic finale seems to shout, "Jack will save us all!"

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