My favorite scene in The Candidate was Claire with her music box. It is a mystery to her. It is a mystery to us. It is yet another mystery box.

Before you read any more, go back and watch that scene again. Focus on the music box. Meditate on its significance.

Now relive that scene with me. Claire asks a question - does Jack know what this music box is and/or why Christian would want her to have it. Neither Claire nor Jack seem to understand its significance. The significance, I think, lies in Claire's second question.

Claire asks Jack how their father died.

Jack replies in two sentences. The first is a fact. "They found him in an alley outside a bar." If you go back to the episode that contains this flashback, the coroner tells Jack that they found him "in King's Cross," which is a busy social area of Sydney with many bars. The next sentence in Jack's reply is presumed. It's what Jack thinks. It's what we think. "He drank himself to death."

Take the facts that we know. The hotel told Jack that Christian was in a terrible state of mind, possibly drunk, when they last saw him. Christian even left his wallet in the hotel room. All that we know after this is that his body was found in King's Cross.

Let those images in your mind marinate.

Now return to the scene with the music box. Let's relive it one more time. Claire wants to know the significance of her inheritance. She reaches inside a larger box and pulls out a small, wooden box and places it in front of Jack. She opens it. It's empty. It plays the song, "Catch a Falling Star." In the reflection of the mirror on the inside of the lid, we see both Jack and Claire's faces - brother and sister. The children of Christian Shephard. The life of Christian Shephard.

An empty, wooden box. Christian Shephard's empty, wooden box.

The music box represents the coffin. Christian Shepherd's coffin. And that coffin is empty. And from that empty coffin echoes a song, "Catch a Falling Star." The falling star is the MiB, Evil Incarnate. Isaiah 7:14 refers to Lucifer as the fallen star. Lucifer the liar, who lied to Jack about imitating Christian on the island. And how this liar will be caught depends heavily on the empty coffin and the song that cries out from inside. It depends on how Christian died.

What happened in King's Cross?

LOST --Mystimus 13:56, May 11, 2010 (UTC)

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