After re-watching the season 5 finale of Lost, the beach scene and talk of loopholes and all that sort of reminded me of that film "Dogma". Now, I havent seen Dogma for a few years, but i remember there being some similarities to Lost

There are fallen angels(or something like that) who are looking for a loophole so that they can get back "Home"

I believe the home they are reffering to is back into heaven.

 These fallen angels go on a killing spree, but always judge their victims first(i.e. like smoke monster judging Eko before he is killed),they will not kill those who are pure

Also, the main charachter is struggling with her faith(like Jack and Locke), but she is chosen(like a candidate) to save the day

Like I said, I havent seen the movie in a while, so maybe this post makes no sense at all.....I just wanted to see if anyone else related the two.

Be gentle

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