Truly, it's the only thing that has come close. My problem with TV in general is formula, predictability, etc. Procedurals and the like, i.e. Law & Order, House, etc., I just CANNOT do. Every episode starts with A) a crime, an illness, whatever, continue to B) the evidence or crazy illness theories, and concludes with C) the trial, or the REAL illness. Even Fringe has it's formula... Weird stuff, the Dad says "I worked on this in the 70's" and figures it all out with some sporadic gun fire.

Dexter though... The character development, the story arch, that freekin sweet intro, the story arch, the acting, the creativity, the conflict, the originality of the character (all credit to the original author)... Dexter will never replace LOST, but it's certainly made the loss a bit easier to handle.

...for me anyway. What about you guys and girls?

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