This is a repost of the review I did for the set on Amazon.

The "AWESOME" outweighs the bad in this decently groovy set.

4 out of 5 stars

I'm going to get one thing out of the way... I love it; it's a great little set with lots of little things that the completist-consumerist geek in me absolutely craves. That'll come last though.


There's nothing of any real consequence. Now I can't deny, the Geronimo Jackson CD is nice and unexpectedly fun, but the song has been available on iTunes for months, and it offers little insight.

Unlike most, I dig and understand that they wanted retro with the VHS, even if a VHS isn't technically authentic to the time period. What bugs me, like most, is that given that it's truly the only thing about the set with real weight and value to the experience, being VHS is just truly inconvenient. The end result is that the major player of the whole line-up gets seriously shortchanged; it's a brief but fairly important and entertaining video, but what are the odds that you're going to dust off that beast of a machine (the VCR) for viewing this thing more than once.

Everything else, which again I DO love, is pretty much fluff. It's written materials and creative packaging with 2 or 3 inside jokes (Hurley's famous garlic mayo), but nothing lengthy enough that you're going to pour over it again later...

  • hypothetical complaint--why make one of the patches unique to a select few sets? I'd be pissed if I didn't get it (the submarine patch) given the price premium. Having said that... I GOT IT, lol. But sadly, my co-worker did not, and is thus sad.


It's big, and impactful. You're basically getting a 3" ring binder packaged in a cardboard box. This may be surprising, maybe even off-putting, but the outer sleeve is plain-as-day thick cardboard, albeit with fancy printing to mimic water stains and masking tape. Other than that, it's no different than moving boxes, and I think it's cool. It's easy to imagine they'd have these things stacked waiting for new recruits to grab them.

Inside is everything you need to know about life in Dharmaville. This is where the bonus stuff, while still admittedly just fluff, makes me geek out. You have the map of the barracks, some orientation materials, security protocols, etc., all packed in a firm, sturdy white binder with the Dharma logo emblazoned on the front. The most important piece in the binder though, would have to the confidential folder. Some are mad because yes, the folder is in fact sealed. To open it is to break the pull tab seal. Big whoop, that's what you bought it for. It does NOT damage your set, it's you enjoying your set. Besides, what's inside IS kinda cool, and though I know you can just search online, I'm not going to say here. It's nothing MAJOR, but still cool.

Some complain about the floppy sleeves for the discs. What the video doesn't show is that the sleeves, with discs inserted, then have their own lined binder pouches which, if the sleeves don't suit you, do a better job at cushioning and protecting the disc than a plastic tray. But I do think that the floppy sleeves go pretty hilariously far for the retro feel and are a welcome playful addition.


So, could we have done with more stuff? Absolutely. But then one has to ask, why now? I mean, especially since we're maybe only a year away from dropping an expected $250+ on a complete series set inside a package that looks like the top of the hatch (guessing, lol). Still, LOST has been there for me since my first semster in college, and now that I'm gradating just before season 6 starts, I had to indulge myself.

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