Did anyone else get chills, ABSOLUTE chills seeing Flocke talk about how pathetic Locke was as a human being? The way his whole demeanor just flipped, Terry O'quinn's I mean; the way he completely changed the whole way we can or will ever look at John Locke again... he wasn't special, he wasn't chosen, he was nothing but a pawn is the elaborate, admittedly a bit convoluted, game. I know many have posted theories about this, and I'll let someone more eloquently spoken than I debate what this now means in terms of the show, but about the acting and the craft specifically, Terry O'quinn blew it out of the water, COMPLETELY in that scene. "Do you want to know Ben, do you want to know what his last thought was while you strangled him? 'I don't understand!' Isn't that just pathetic?" I was almost in tears it was amazing a scene. And then he ends it with the most vile, evil expression we've ever seen on the actor, knowing the truth now that this man is an imposter and indeed, quite a monster. Can anyone tell me any scene was played better in the entire premier? Urgh, goosebumps again!

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