In S5's Dead is Dead, Danielle shoots her beloved Robert saying that he has become infected by the monster... and while he is admittedly kind'of a d1ck when he calms her down before then trying to shoot her, the point is that she shoots back and KILLS him.

I am pointing out the obvious here, the fact that she killed her whole team, a story we've heard this insane French woman spout off about a-hundred times, to point out something that has only just been made clear after the S6 premier LA X; they may have been "infected" with something, but they weren't being directly inhabited by our dear ol' friend Smokey, AKA the Man in Black.

After the shooting spree that starts in the statue's base has settled, Ben walks wearily over and picks up from the ground a warped bullet, clearly having bounced off of Flocke, indicating that this entity, even when in corporeal form, cannot be injured.

So, what is the deal with Rousseau's team? Was that some early-on-set RAGE virus a'la 28 Days Later or something? Cause they were pretty easy to kill, and Mr. Smokey definitely seems like he's going to be anything but!

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