Locke died off island, but once his body was back on island, Flocke (Fake-Locke) was suddenly fooling everyone into believing Locke was back from the dead. Season 4, Claire is in the Dharma house that get's hit with one of Keamy's rockets, right? Well, here's my theory...

What if it happened much quicker for Claire. Suppose she actually died in that explosion, and the person Sawyer found was actually Flaire (Fake-Claire), going through the motions. This would explain why Flaire was later found laughing inside the cabin with Christian, also widely believed to have been resurrected by The Dark Man from the Season 5 premier.

If this is true, this also supports a host of other theories regarding the ability for more than one resurrected being to be present at any one time... thus enabling The Dark Man and/or Smokey to manipulate not just one, but many different events around the island.

Don't tear me to pieces guys, just tell me what you think!

--Muvytikit 06:00, 24 August 2009 (UTC) If you say 'Live together, die alone,' to me, Jack, I'm going to punch you in the face.

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