Two months ago, my best friend and I finally convinced my boyfriend and our other roommate to give LOST a shot. The roommate was hooked from the start, and never lost that drive, that insatiable need for the next episode. The boyfriend? On and off; there was at least a three episode arc in each of the five season where he TRIED not to make it too obvious when he'd say something like "I'm not really tired if you want to start the next one, I mean, I don't care either way, I'm just saying, I wouldn't mind." He's just the kind of guy who like to be the discoverer, he likes to be the one who tells you what you missed, turning you on to cool new things. When it's the other way around, it's like pulling teeth to try and get him into something.

Anywho, we finished just last week, they both can't wait now for the last season, and he has even handed off MY DVDs to our two former roommate who now live across town. Unbeknownst to me, they've been sitting on Season 1 for over a month, shortly after we finished Season 2 apparently, but never got around to watching. So we all had the day off two days ago (except for the boyfriend, he had to work), so I went over to eat and to just watch the 1st episode with them. Damned if we didn't watch 5 episodes in a row!

They're not half way through the first season. My favorite thing about it is also probably one of the hardest things about it... THEORIES. I have to pretty much warn them "I cannot and will not answer anything, and you have to try as hard as you can NOT to accidentally catch anything online, etc." But I do LOVE hearing the theories from back in season 1, some common ones, some new but still ultimately debunked: "They're dead... it's a TV show, like The Truman Show or something... ATOMIC bomb somewhere knocked out communications, then the aftershock knocked the plane out of the sky and that's why no one's come yet." They're two VERY creative people, lol.

For me, the greatest episode to watch with a LOST newbie, as long as they've seen the 3 previous episodes, is still WALKABOUT; to this day, it's still the single most WTF knee-jerk outside of a finale (Here's looking at you, THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS). And considering how early on it is, it's impressive how impactful the show is in the entire John Locke story arc. Plus, the looks on their faces watching that episode... PRICELESS.

So anyway, anyone have any great stories about initiating the uninitiated? Showing LOST to someone who's never seen it, but you have, and getting to remember how frustrating it was NOT knowing who was good, bad, or who the French woman was, or how a polar bear came to be on the island(s), etc... who's got one?

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