Season 2 was before we EVER realized that Hurley was more or less communing with the dead too... in addition to Miles I mean. So my question is, knowing what we now know, does it make sense that while rewatching DAVE from Season 2, I might seriously question whether or not Dave is ONLY a figment of Hurley's imagination?

Perhaps he's actually a deceased Other maybe, or someone else with a connection to the island. Even at that point in time, both on the island and in his flashback, Hurley was blissfully unaware of his own unique power. And given the fact that there were some pretty strange forces at work trying to keep Hurley from getting on the plane, it then makes sense that once on-island, someone would be trying to knock him off.

He's clearly special, he's seen the cabin, Jacob has practically introduced himself, and that can't bode well for Mr. Man in Black. So I'll leave this one last nugget:

When Hurley just KNEW that Dave couldn't be real, Dave threw a coconut at him, or slapped him... some physical interaction, right? Charlie did the EXACT same thing when he walked up to Hurley ALSO AT THE SANTA ANNA MEDICAL INSTITUTE where he'd hung out with the like of Dave and Eko, too.

I just think it would be beautiful and what great continuity if the actor showed up in a Richard Alpert flashback from ages ago, with a dying breath to always serve the will of Taweret or something crazy like that.

So, what do you guys think?

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