I'm not going to ramble, I'll just keep this short, sweet, and to the point. Charlotte remembered that Faraday told her not to come back to the island--she remembered this right before she died. In the 1970s though, Faraday only finally decided to have that conversation with a very young Charlotte AFTER he had already decided to detonate Jughead. This HAS to mean that the detonation of Jughead had already contributed to the events leading up to 9/22/04, etc. This is of course in addition to the fact that Miles was without a father, a father who only pushed Miles and his mother away BECAUSE of the impending incident, AND the fact that Eloise sent her son to the island knowing she would shoot him in her youth while he was traveling with Jack, who would then take up the quest for Jughead, etc. Charlotte is not the greatest example, but it certainly adds to the list.

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