Now that Lost is over how about a Lost quiz.

The rules are simple, each question will have more than 1 possible answer but the aim of the game is to choose an answer that as few people as possible will also answer with. For each person who answers the same as you who have a point added to your score. If you get the answer wrong 20 points are added to your total. the winner is the one with the lowest score.

Here are the questions:

1. Name a character who makes more appearences than any main character in a season (For the sake of simplicity anyone who was only credited in "The End" during series 6 or Charlie in "The Beginning Of The End" are discounted). Please state in which season.

2. Name a main character who never has a centric episode (Again anyone who is only credited as a main character in "The End" is discounted). Multi-centric episode such as "Confirmed Dead" dont count.

3. Name an episode where atleast 5 characters die. Deaths in off-Island flashbacks count.

4. Name a character who is never seen off-island.

5. Name a run of atleast 5 episodes where a main character was absent.

6. Name an actor who has appeared in Lost and FlashForward. Credited appearences only.

7. Name a character referenced to the previous season before he/she first appeared.

8. Name a main character that has never met Ilana.

Good Luck

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