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From the Last Lost Panel @ SDCC taken by Murphy Martin

We as fans of the ABC show "LOST" would love to have a place of our own at WDW. There are places for Star Wars fans, Pirates Fans, Sports fans, Fairytale Fans and soon Avatar fans. We as Lost Fans are millions strong all over the world and as "LOST" is a Disney product you will not have any issues with copy writes. Discovery Island hasn’t been used and is just over grown much like the set of LOST so with just a few minor clean ups this would add a new dynamic to an old exhibit. Disney could do LOST weekend much like Star Wars Weekends. With the 10 year anniversary of the pilot episode coming up in 2014 this would a great time to start a rethinking of Discovery Island to the LOST Island.

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I have long wanting to give back to the Lost Community. I wanted to do something that would keep our dream of the Island alive. Lost was not just another show to us Losties but something that brought us together in theories , blogging, podcasting, going to fan meet ups like Comic Con, searching through hours of episodes trying to find hidden messages etc…

But one thing has stayed true since the end of LOST over 2 years ago the fan base. If you loved or hated THE END you stuck around and talked about. We follow each other and Damon and Carlton on Twitter corrected fan pages, shared info to one and all about what we thought and still theorizing about after all these years.

Since Disney owns LOST it makes senses to have an Island at Walt Disney World. At first I thought changing Tom Sawyer Island but it’s been around too long and I am a Disney World Purist so let’s not change anyone loved by all. So I looked into other Disney property and found Discovery Island, if you are not familiar with it click Here[1]to see all about it. The now closed since 1999 Discovery Island is an 11.5 acres (4.7 ha) island in Bay Lake at Walt Disney World in Bay Lake, Florida. Between 1974 and 1999, the island was open to guests. Disney originally named it Treasure Island, and later, Discovery Island. Here, guests could observe the island's many species of animals and birds. So it fits right in with the LOST Island theme. Disney has not done anything with it not even knocking down the building. So it would have the feeling of Hydra island as seen in Season three. On April 23, 2010, Orlando NBC affiliate television station WESH reported that "urban explorer" and blogger Shane Perez secretly visited the abandoned island, and the station broadcast some of the video images Perez claims to have captured. Perez told news reporters that he and several friends swam to the island under cover of darkness. During their visit they reportedly discovered "abandoned buildings, cages, preserved snakes in jars, even old employee photos. Crazy right!!! I hope by working with fellow LOSTIES we can get Disney to make over this Island for us to have a Star Wars Style weekends for Lost and with the 10th anniversary for the Crash of Oceanic flight 815 and the airing or the Pilot coming up next year on September 22 2014, maybe Disney can make it happen with a little over 1 and half until then.

Some of my info was taken for Wikipedia

--Mtmartin3 (talk) 14:52, March 28, 2013 (UTC)

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