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    Eerie motif

    January 20, 2013 by MryCrisper

    There's a very common motif in the series that I can't find here. Although most episodes feature it, I only remember some ocurrences:

    • Jack sees his dead father on White Rabbit//OK, sorry. It doesn't play on this scene.
    • Several times on Meet Kevin Johnson;
    • Eloise's face is revealed at the end of The Lie//Sorry, again! What the hell!
    • A custodian tells Desmond not to tell anyone he found Faraday's equipments (16:02; 16:55); after either Desmond or Widmore says something to each other (33:52) (Jughead).
    • It plays at 0:12 here: [1]
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  • MryCrisper

    I was going to add Desmond as one of the characters who had a flashback in Man of Science, Man of Faith. But there was a message saying not to edit because "it was decided" not to. Why?

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