WoW where to start. This weeks episode 'HE's OUR YOU' was a very complex episode to say the least. In the episode as we all know we met young Sayid and we were like woooow this dude was a serious ninja since he was kid and we also meet Sayid father who seems to be somewhat of an OG. We also meet young Ben and we see he is a nice, gentle and a creepy child (but what do we expect of a child who lives on an island with a smoke monster) that has a father with almost the same characteristics as Sayid's father except for the abusive twang .Moving on to my point of this blog. In this week episode Sayid admits to Sawyer that he believes he understands his purpose on the island and We all know what that is. However what if his purpose for being on the island is misinterpreted. My reasons for believing that Sayid’s actions are misinterpreted is because he’s trying to prevent the horrible things that happened on the Island like the purge of 1992 that killed over 40 people of the dharma initiative but Sayid’s actions would not prevent this because in a earlier episode Ben tells jack of the purge and tells him that he had some help of some other Dharma Initiative member s (who are these members who helped him, are they jack and the gang or are there people there who are unhappy with dharma tactics or are there others living amongst the dharma people) which means that the purge may still take place even if Ben were to die. So I believe Sayid’s purpose was to mentor younger Ben since they have similar back grounds with harsh fathers and Ben also trust Sayid so him shooting Ben would lead him to be bitter and trust no one . I believe if Sayid would have mentored him ,he could have caused Ben to be a better person and he could have even tortured Bens Father into being a better father thus changing many fates of different people like his own .But this theory could all be wrong if the Others are the “good guys” and Dharma are the “bad guys”,So if this is true with the bad good guy theory then jack and the gang also could have join the others being that his father and half sister ((but they both could be dead so you may have to be dead to become a Other because jacks dad is obviously dead and Claire after the house she was in blew up meaning that Ben becomes an Other at that moment because he is dead )have seemed to join the others thus being the hidden whispers in the forest (hidden because they don’t want to run into other selves. Wild and Farfetched I Know but let me know what you think


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