A few thoughts/ questions of last night's episode:

1. Big Surprise: Jack is the new protector. I think most of us saw this one coming. It was still nice to see.

2. I'm so Lost in the sideways story, but it's getting exciting! What concert are they going to? Is Charlie having a concert? Are they going to the one Eloise was planning? If so, wasn't that suppose to be a few days ago. I vaguely remember Miles said something about a concert...

3. I am really hoping Richard is ok. He is suppose to live forever. I think Locke just through him into the jungle like saying "get out of my way"

4. This is kind of messed up to say, but it was kind of refreshing to see the old Ben. Actually it was also seeing the sideways Ben. I love his character!

5. How does Desmond know everything? I am really starting to believe that the island is underground now because of whatever Desmond has to do, like we saw in the season premiere.

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