Honestly, this isn't aimed at anyone in particular, and if you feel that it is, I should explain that I'm not tryng to be mean or whatever, but serriously, Im sick of hearing people complain about the fact that the producers have lives and therefore cannot explain every single backstory of everysingle character or go into ridiculous detail over every single mystery that they feel has been explained with out going into 42 seasons. So, here is my challenge to anyone looking for things they will never find... You wright in with your theories explaining various things on the show that will not be covered in season 6. Other people will vote on their favorite theories on a 1 to 10 scale based on how interesting it was and how it would tie it in to what we understand about the show now. The favorite thery of each fan should be accepted by them as what happened (though should not be considered cannon), and then people wont have to go on rants about how upset they are that these things wont be revealed. Just some topics to think of. 1) Libby's past 2) Kelvin Ianman's story 3) Isabel (of Stranger in a strange land) 4) Walt's specialness 5) The fate of Sun's dog 6) Why "Brennan has the keys" (pilot part 2 from french transmission) 7) How jack arrived in the middle of the jungle after the crash of 815 8) John Locke's 'military' history? 9) Ethan's motivation for joining the others. 10) the identity of Boone's father. these are just a few ideas to get people started. certainly you dont have to write about each one (if you would like to though, your more than welcome) if you can think of other ones you can just bring those up and I'll edit them into the list. If you have theories that explain multiple things or explain things not on the list in conjunction with one of the above that's cool too. You can further elaborate on someone else's theory to make it more interesting or show how it could be supported by things we've seen, dont forget to vote for other people's posts though.

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