Okay, most people seem to think the flash-sideways were from a purgatory like state. If this is the case then I have three questions... 1) Where did David come from? Locke makes it clear that he doesn't exist, so i don't understand what his story is. Logically, he would be a being conceived and born in purgatory, but to me it just seems like a loose end. 2) So pretty much we excluded Walt and Micheal from the happy ending there at the end...? The purpose of the flashes were to show us the destiny of each of these characters; to explain how they were all connected even if the island hadn't come into play. I can understand Walt. We see with Arron that these people returned to their "island forms" (I'll get back to this in a moment) so Walt would be difficult. But certainly Micheal could have come. It's not like the actor couldn't do it, he was already in an episode this season. And if they invited Ben, they certainly could have invited Micheal. I was so looking forward to his story with Walt wrapping up in a fitting way- their absence was simply distracting. 3) Arron is born on the island, is taken by Kate, given to Carole, returned to Claire, grows up, lives out his natural life, dies, and goes to purgatory, only to find himself in... the whom? Don't get me wrong; no responsibility, never cold or too hot, free food... the whom is great! But then he's born backstage at the concert (without an umbilical cord by the way). And now he's a baby... After living his life, he gets to chill with everyone without the ability to walk, talk, use the bathroom, or dress himself. Is this right?

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