Otherman's Agenda

    This was obviously a well calculated plan by Otherman (Nemesis, Man in Black, whatever) to find the ever elusive "loophole" to kill Jacob once and for all.  It's been noted several times in the blogs that Otherman is Christian, the Monster, etc.(also don't forget about all the other "apparitions": Horace, Libby, Dave, Charlie, and anyone else Hurley has seen).  But many are wondering why he didn't just kill Jacob himself.  The reason is that he had to make a human do it.  That's right, I said "human".  I believe Jacob and his enemy are gods of ancient Egypt that have feuded for many millenia.  Jacob, it appears, has the most power (if not total power)of the island, and Otherman got weary of living in his shadow.  Also, it is quite possible that they are brothers; so if you have a keen knowledge of gods of ancient Egypt, I'm all ears.

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