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March 12, 2010
  • Mr.santorro

    Lostie since first episode, discuss with friends dozens of time about everything the last 6 years happened. Nowadays i see what this is worth, what 6 years being into a series means.

    Here in germany i nearly know nobody whos watchin lost in german. Couz of the unbelievable crappy translation there are just two groups. The ones who switched to english and the ones who canceled watchin lost. But now, where even the crappy german tv-stations see that lost kickasses (after they dropped it from shedule for some years), the hype is back.. So, nowadays I, try not, but have to listen to some stuff from guys who saw the pilot and some episodes of S01 and the sixth season now.. "Whos Michael?, Whos Desmond?" and so on. It´s really cowardly! Yesterday…

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  • Mr.santorro

    I think the circle will close and we already saw pieces of that. The flashback to the epic mib/jacob dialogue was imo the flashback to the "start" of the guard(god)generation jacob, the generation the lost series is about. in s05 final u can see how jacob "furnish" his new home: -making the tapestry - fresh fire place - jacobs eating fish and mango like he was hungry a long time - starring on the ocean like he finally are placed

    i think when jacobs starts his new job as guard he immediately began to find new candidates because of this really long process. he starts ambitious and pilotted the blackrock to the island where richards on who was imo one of or the first candidate. that confirm the fact that richard got the special not-aging effect…

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