Today I had a thought. We know that Widmore wants to keep MIB on the Island. We know that he brought a bunch of scientists to the Island to help him do so. All of these people seem loyal to both Widmore and his cause. So my question is where is Widmore's loyalty to the people he sent to the Island on the freighter? I'm talking about Miles and Frank. I began to question if he knows that they are even still alive. He knows that Faraday traveled back to '77 and was killed by Eloise. He knows that Jin was in the DHARMA Initiative, so shouldn't he know that Miles was also traveling through time when Ben turned the wheel? Widmore must also be aware Frank is back on the Island right? Zoe said she knows Jin was in DI, so she must know Miles and James were also, so why not ask them about the pockets of electromagnetic energy like they asked Jin? And I do know that part of the reason they took Jin was to prevent MIB from having both Kwons. But still...

Does he know of Miles and Frank?

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