First of all, let me just say that that I thought the episode was great.It was cool to get another multi-centric episode with Jack, Locke, Sawyer, Miles, Sayid, Claire, Desmond, Jin and Sun. Ben and Ilana didn't have much to do so I don't think they were centrics like the others.

When Claire had the gun to Kate, I was hoping she would pull the trigger, was I the only one thinking this? Not because I hate Kate, which I don't, but because I thought that if Kate died in this episode, it would have been a great plot twist.

Also, does everyone think that Jack died when the explosion occurred? I personally think he died because nobody could survive the blast from being that close, except Locke. The Others that were with Locke at the beach are surely much for strength in numbers. But the most important piece of evidence to me was that after the blast that threw Jack up in the air, Locke carried him and said "You're with me now" or something like that. I took this as a statement to the audience that let us know Locke had brought him back the way he brought back Sayid.

And I don't think Sayid killed Desmond, you?

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