While I was rewatching "Ab Aeterno" last night, and found the talk around the campfire interesting. When Sun tells Jack that Richard was talking about Locke, and Ben tells him it is not exactly Locke, Jack looks a little shocked and confused, even intrigued. However, in "The Package", Jack does not ask or even bring up the fact that Locke (MIB) is walking around. It just seems that around the campfire, it felt like a huge reveal to Jack, then the next morning, nothing. So my question is, why even reveal that to Jack? I know that they (Darlton) are gonna hold off on that confrontation between Jack and Locke for a while, at least until Jack is informed of the MIB, because right now he knows nothing of the MIB. But do you guys think that they were just teasing us or what?

I know this post is a little random, but I was wondering if I was the only one who found this to be strange.

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