Well since we are now so close to the end, I thought it would be a good time to find out what you all think of our characters. As of the episode "What They Died For", I would like to know which characters you enjoyed to see grow and develop the most. Feel free to give as many characters as you want, I'll start by stating the most obvious choice.

Like many of you, I really enjoyed seeing Jack become a man of faith and now the protector of the Island. The show began with the opening of his eye and it is finally great to see him come full circle. During season 1 and 2, I felt that Jack was going to forever stay a man of science, yet I still liked the character and because of that, his scenes and confrontations with the man of faith John Locke were nothing short of excellent. Back then anything he thought was different or unexplainable, he just thought it was crazy or called Locke insane because Locke put his faith into the Island. Jack just couldn't wrap his mind around the idea that it was fate that brought the plane landing on the Island, and that they were there for a reason. During mid season 3, I kind of started to see a change in Jack, and then that amazing cliffhanger at the end of the season started the transformation that we saw from season 4 until now. He has come a long way and it has been an emotional and spiritual journey for him.

I was going to say that Ben has changed a lot, but as of "What They Died For", it looks like old Ben is back. When we saw "Dr. Linus", I was so sure that the Ben we have come to know as the murdering master manipulator was gone. I'm not sure what he is up too, or if giving Miles the walkie-talkie is part of his plan, but I can't wait to find out. Also, I thought that Ben's "citizen's arrest" on Desmond in the FST was hilarious.

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