Now I don't know if this has been discussed yet because I haven't read the new blogs today. But anyway while I was watching "What Kate Does" yesterday, I noticed that the Barracks no longer have wood covering the doors and windows on the houses anymore. Now in S4, Locke's camp left the Barracks because of the Mercenaries. Then in S5, Sun and Lapidus came back in 2007 and the Barracks were boarded up when they met with Christian. In "What Kate Does" Sawyer and Kate are at the Barracks in 2007 as well and the Barracks are no longer boarded up. So is this a production error or did I miss something.

By the way, what did you guys think about "What Kate Does" as an episode. I realize the writers can't give us all the answers at once and have to slow the pace down a little so I didn't mind, I enjoyed it. I've read some people didn't like it and that they thought it was filler. Now Kate is not my favorite character but I thought the episode was well written and overall a good episode, not filler. Great to see Claire and of course great to see the Almighty Ethan Rom/Goodspeed again(another favorite character of mine) and Aldo. What did you think. --Mr. Straume 03:29, February 11, 2010 (UTC)

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