I wanna hear some feedback and your initial thoughts on the amazing episode, because I haven't read all of the blog posts today.

First, let me just say that I liked the explanation to the Whispers. dead people on the Island who can't move on because of what they did...genius imo.

And of course...R.I.P. Ilana- She was a promising character that seemed to have a lot of information. It was a good misleading on the writers' behalf, they fooled me. Once she blew up, I yelled at the t.v., "Damn, that B**ch blew up, oh my god that was intense, I did not see that coming, peace out Ilana!" Something like that, with more curse words, I was shocked to say the least. Great death scene, like Arzt.

Another thing I liked was that the writers finally split the group up. It was good to see everyone have a purpose and a motive for their actions now, instead of just hanging around. On one side we got Hurley, who insisted they talk to Locke. On the other side, we have Richard wanting to blow up the plane to stop MIB, just like Isabella told him to do.

Hurley has got Jack, Sun, and Frank, bringing the remaining candidates (except Frank) to the man that needs them to leave the Island, great idea Hurley! Richard has got the "Cool guys on the Island", Miles and Ben, need I say more? Okay I will, one is the son of Pierre Chang who communes with the dead, the other is a recovering master-manipulator on the road to redemption. And Richard doesn't age!

Why do you guys think Desmond ran Locke over? Was it because a bleed-over occurred and it was payback for throwing him down a well? Or was it because Desmond was trying to give him a near death experience to see the OT? Let me know why you think that was?

Finally, a moment of silence, and everyone open your 40oz. and pour out some liquor for our dead friend Ilana. Blowing up The Black Rock, Libby, and Desmond thrown into a well were highlights.

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