First let me just say that I thought this episode was epic. In my opinion, it is one of the best in the series and I commented on a blog by Tim Suchecki about the episode but stated I had a couple of questions so here it goes. Regardless whether you liked the episode or not, I would like to know what you think regarding my questions.

The Island and Mother- I really enjoyed this character and found it so awesome that she was already on the Island and killed Claudia. My question would be how did she kill all of The Man In Black's people and destroy the Well all on her own? Any ideas? Also, when she gave Jacob the wine, she made him ageless, but obviously not immortal, and neither was she. I got the feeling that she knew the Man In Black was going to kill her, so I believed that she was, like we now know Jacob is, all knowing. What did you think?

Jacob- It was great to see Jacob in his humble beginnings as just a boy. We now know him as this ageless, all knowing being, but back then he was his Mother's "right hand man' once The Man in Black left. The character has developed greatly and now when rewatching past episodes he has appeared in, you can see that he matured since the death of his Mother, so it makes the character more amazing. Another question is since he became like his Mother, all knowing, do you think he knew that his brother, the Man In Black, wouldn't "die" when pushed toward the Source/Light? Because he looked surprised to me.

The Man In Black- It was great to see why and how the Man in Black came to be the way he is now. Like he said, it was really because he had a crazy mother. She killed his people and destroyed his chance to finally leave the Island. When Jacob pushed him into the Source/Light do you think he became the Smoke Monster? I believe he actually became the Smoke Monster because he was essentially "bad" and Jacob was essentially "good". However, I don't think he died, I believe he just lost his body as he told Richard in "Ab Aeterno". I came to believe this because we later see his body, but Mother said that if one goes to the Source/Light it is life, death, and rebirth, so yes he lost his body, but he himself/his soul/his mind, was reborn and became the Smoke Monster that we have grown to know. I don't think the Smoke Monster existed before that moment, I kind of thought Darlton made that clear in the episode.

So share your thoughts. Also let me just say that Titus Welliver and Mark Pelligrino are official gods! Their acting in this episode was, for lack of a better word, EPIC.--Mr. Straume 09:33, May 14, 2010 (UTC)

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