Well it's good to be back on Lostpedia after not having internet for little over a week. So I've been skimming over some of the blog posts and noticed that alot of you didn't really like "Recon", and I respectfully disagree. First I thought the opening scene was great showing us the same con Sawyer used before, I said aloud "Same old Sawyer". Also the LaFleur connection was cool and the highlight was Sawyer being a cop and an even bigger highlight was that Miles was his partner. And the Kate connection was okay, obvious, but it's all good.

I do agree with you however that more guestions are being raised than answered. So for what specific reason didn't you like Recon? Also because Miles was featured a lot in this episode, do you personally think he'll get a centric this season i've been scratching my head about that. Anyway, very excited about next week's episode Ab Aeterno, does anyone know what the translation is? I've seen about three different ones.

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