I had previously wrote a blog and I remembered something about Ab Aeterno. In that episode, after Isabella, (as MIB), leaves the ship, Richard is left alone for what is assumed to be, a long time. Now later, when MIB, comes back, Richard is passed out, Then MIB puts is hand on Richard's shoulder, and he wakes up. My question is, did anyone else think Richard might have been dead, or even close to death? Like I previously stated, he was there for who knows how long without food or water, now I know this is a bit of a reach, but when I saw that scene, I thought MIB had brought him back to life by touching him, similar to the way Jacob touched Locke in the Incident, after Locke fell eight stories, Locke looked dead.

Anyone else think MIB has that ability as well, that scene sort of hinted that he does, like he had his hand on Richard for a while on purpose, to show the audience.

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