Okay, this post is to get everyone's opinion on which character they think has had the most character development, and which has had the least as of "The Package". Give a character that you like or dislike, and why you feel the way you do toward this particular character. I figured this would be good to know everyone's thoughts on our characters. Also, just because I don't name a character, doesn't mean I think they have no character development, I just want to leave lots open for discussion.

Let me start by saying that in my opinion, Ben has developed greatly as a character since we first saw him in season 2. He went from "master manipulator" to a man that has realized the error and ignorance of his ways since the death of his daughter Alex. I see him now as a man that is truly sorry for all the deaths he has caused(Alex, John Locke, and of course Jacob most notably) and as of "Dr.Linus" a man that is truly seeking redemption. Also Jack has thankfully evolved from being the same (IMO) in Season 1 and Season 2, he kind of started evolving in Season 3, back then he was shouting orders and as Sawyer put in so clearly, a lot of people got killed that way. He was a man of science that believed that if nobody believed in what he believed(John Locke), then they were wrong, and crazy for believing in destiny, fate and miracles. It's very refreshing to see him now slowly becoming a man of faith, since Season 5 and the death of John Locke, and coming to terms with the fact that he was responsible for many peoples deaths because of his close-mindedness as seen in the discussion with Dogen in "What Kate Does"

On the other hand, I feel that Kate hasn't really evolved at all. Don't get me wrong it's not that I don't like Kate,(which I do) it's just that since season 1, shes really done the same thing: Follow Jack and/or Sawyer around and tagging along where she isn't wanted or needed and causing a rawkus. It was only since Season 4 that I began to get intrigued by her character because she was caring for Aaron. Again, I liked her character before, I mean she killed her father, that's pretty hardcore.

So tell me what you think of any character, don't hold back, I hope this post becomes interesting.

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