As most of you know this is the worst part of the year for us lost fans. We've been left once again with a big middle finger from the producers and a glazed over look in our eyes. I know it's a lot of fun for us all to get on here and predict what we think, or would like to happen next season and honestlly in part a lot of us could be correct but probablly never in whole. I've been watching the first season and honestlly its over due considering I haven't watched it since it first aired in 2004. I'm watching it with my girlfriend (who swore she would never watch the show but i've crammed it down her throat anyway)and it's amazing some of the plot points that are coming back around. I just wanted to get on here and mention a few things that I've noticed that will prove that the they really had a well mapped out plan ever since season one.

1. Obviously one of the more talked about scenes is the famous backgammon which i'm sure has been blogged on multiple times but im gonna do it anyway because I love this scene. I beleive that this single scene is forshadowing to the entire theme of the show as many others do "There are two sides one is light and one is dark." I believe there is further forshadowing that it is walt and locke playing in this particular game and why they had such a unique bond. Next season I would not be suprised to see Locke obviously represent the dark side in the upcoming "war" between good and evil and walt to return and represent the light. How walt will get back? Honestlly for all we know walt could already be back on the island and we just don't know it yet. I am very intrested to see if this theory proves true.

2.Another point I've found to be intresting is locke's first encounter with the "smoke monster" while hunting boar. As has been posted before it was after this encounter that locke began knowing things about the island and began his connection with it. He even had a quote that said "I've looked into the eye of this island." Now what i'm about to say now is a little out there but bare with me just one of my many possible theories. At this point in the series we had never actually seen "the smoke monster" and locke's run in with it I believe is unique. I've noticed that in the first season you don't always hear the whispers when the "monster is coming near" on some occasions such as locke's first run in you hear different noises. I believe that whatever it was locke starred at eye to eye was some form of jacob showing locke the importance of the island. At some point in the future the nemesis knew that jacob had an intrest in locke and that is when he began manipulating locke's "Freewill." It was also intresting to me that leading up to his run in with the Monster/jacob) all locke had talked about was destiny but in the mothes episode with charlie he preach's to charlie about free will and choice when trying to weem him off the drugs but yet again later in the series locke goes back to destiny. I believe jacob attempted to recruit locke but the nemesis succedded in his manipulations.

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