I've been a LOST fan since the beginning, and this is my first blog please bare with me

First of all, this finale has been an epic one, and the best of all season finales in my opinion. At the conclusion, I was shocked to see Locke's dead body and knowing that the smoke monster took the form of Locke to manipulate Ben to kill Jacob. Many questions were answered such as...What lies in the shadow of the statue, Who is Jacob, How the Black Rock found the island(Jacob), What happened to Rose and Bernard and Vincent, What happened to Charlie's DriveShaft ring(Sun has it now), What was in Hurley's guitar case, How Pierre lost his hand, John Locke really is dead, The smoke monster is Jacob's rival, How the war was started, And assumingly that the sides of the war are Jacob vs. His Rival.(By the way, the opening scene is THE best scene in LOST)!

However, some questions were left remaining. When Richard correctly answered the question that Illana had asked, she and Bram showed a look of does that mean that they are on the same side of the war? What happened to Eloise after Richard knocked her out? How did the Black Rock end up in the middle of the jungle? Who broke the line of ash outside Jacob's cabin? Also, if the monster took the form of Locke's body, then this means Christian really was the monster. So this means that while Jacob was lying in the shadow of the statue, the monster(Cristian) told Locke he was speaking on Jacob's behalf(which he wasn't) and said that he needed to turn the the wheel to bring all of his friends back. As we all know he managed to do this, left the island and was eventually killed, but Eloise Hawking told Jack to take his body on Ajira Flight does this mean that she knew the monster would take Locke's form and eventually manipulate Ben to kill Jacob. If so, that would make her on the opposite side of the war than Illana and Bram. Another question is how did the statue get destroyed? What's the name of Jacob's rival? Did Jack's plan work? If not, then did Sayid die afterall? Did Juliet die? And finally, if Jack's plan didn't work, did the survivor's really cause the Incident.

Well those are my thoughts, so comment and let me know what you think...keep in mind this is my first blog post...and I don't know about everyone else but after that amazing finale, I'm already tired of waiting for Season 6, I can't wait 8 months!!!

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