After writing my first blog yesterday after the finale, I came across a blog that was written by Lostaholic and he/she wrote that John Locke was being used the entire time...which I believe is correct. Locke was just a pawn in a chess game. Does this mean that Locke was never as special as he thought he was? He was the leader of the Others for a very short time and was able to walk after the crash, but was it always his destiny to die so that Jacob's rival can take his form to manipulate Ben to kill Jacob? Does anyone have a response to this?

Also, earlier this seaseon Juliet reaveled that all the Others knew Latin...When Illana asked Richard "What lies in the shadow of the statue?", he answered in Latin...and she understood him! Does this mean that Illana, Bram, and thier crew are Others?...that would explain why Jacob went to go visit her. Like I stated in my previous blog, this makes Illana, Bram, and Richard on the same side of the war...the good side that Bram spoke about to Miles( Which is the side that Jacob is on because of the "statue" question and Jacob lies in the shadow of the statue). So with them being on the same side, who else is on the same side as Richard's crew?...and who is the side that is against them that will fight them in this infamous war? Does anyone have a response to this?

Lastly, is it me or was Juliet's flashback pointless? She wasn't visited by Jacob...or was that the point of her flashback? And why didn't Miles get a visit from Jacob? it because he got a visit from Bram, (who I believe is on the same side as Jacob and Richard)? Well thats all for now...

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