I don't know about the rest of you, but I was firmly in the Kate/Sawyer camp for seasons 1-4. Much as I like Jack, Sawyer and Kate are simply a better fit for each other, not to mention the fact they have better chemistry (at least I think so).

Then the writers pulled Juliet/Sawyer out of their bag of magic tricks. At first I hated it, but given a little time I really got to love it. Juliet and Sawyer had wonderful chemistry and were perfectly compatible. I could start to see how a happy ending with Jack/Kate and Sawyer/Juliet might be feasible.

But Juliet is dead now. Sorry, but it's just the truth. Elizabeth Mitchell is no longer a main cast member and I'm pretty sure that anyone that close to a nuclear bomb would be killed when it detonated. Even in the slim chance that she's alive, she has almost certainly lost her memory of Sawyer and circumstances will preclude a relationship between them.

So my question is this: now that Juliet is gone, would a Sawyer/Kate relationship be acceptable again? I don't mean they should be getting together in the first episode of Season 6, but, conceivably, Sawyer might be ready to move on by the end of Season 6. Would that (or could that) work?

My answer is a cautious yes. If the writers carefully dealt with Sawyer's extreme grief and made sure not to cheapen his special relationship with Juliet, I think that a Sawyer/Kate pairing is possible by the end of the series, though still unlikely. There were a lot of Jack/Kate moments in Season 5 and I think that they will ultimately end up together. Poor Sawyer might be reunited with Juliet in some way (the ressurection of the dead, time-traveling), but it's more likely that he'll sacrifice himself or end up sharing a bachelor pad with Hurley.

That's just my opinion. Anyone else want to chime in?

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