I mean really! no one is happy by this ending. Some people are content, alot of people are confused, most are upset, it is what it is. All this talk about if it was a good ending or not moot. No relationship endings are good, even for the ones ending it. Everyone is upset to some extent, cause its over and we dont have all the answers, but we never have all the answers. Imagine lost as your last girlfriend/boyfriend, after you broke up and it ended you were upset, but in most cases the ride was enjoyable. Now did you know everything about them? didn't they leave you with some questions, why they acted certain ways? why there uncle was in jail? why they were afraid of clowns? etc..etc.. there will always be questions, and the end sucks, but in time we will all look back and appreciate what we had, and not what we didnt get to learn.

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