Forget the FST was ever intertwined into the story, and that it only ended the way the OT did. Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Richard and Lapidas left on Ajira: Jack died replacing the stone, Hurley, Ben, and Desmond were left on the Island and then that's it, THE END. The FST/purgatory allowed the story to build on the characters the same way it did in season 1, that is the true "loop" of the story, to show how these people have interacted with each other over the course of time, and made impacts on each other. It has always been both a character based and mythology based story(most of the best stories are) and we got about 3 seasons of each part of the story. Its not so much how it ended for us, but how it ended for the characters that really matters. Most of the haters are upset because it wasn't there "idea" of how it should end, but you still had a great ride I assume. I mean I loved Steven King's "IT" but seriously a scary clown turns into a giant spider and is killed with a sling shot, this ending is WAY better than that, but I bet alot of you like that "journey" of a story too!!

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