• MossSURF1

    Dharma in 1943?

    October 12, 2009 by MossSURF1

    Has anyone seen the 1943 production, "I Walked With A Zombie"? I recently happened upon the title and was shocked. The Dharma Initiative is in this film, logo and all. The plot is also alarming...a woman named Betsy travels to an island, populated by a group of scientists and local natives, to help the Holland family with an unknown illness (Julliette anyone?). What's strange, is the story mainly focuses on two brothers and how a woman tore them apart, making them hate each other. Our male protagonist is constantly apologizing for bringing Jane to the island and the Holland's have a statue of "Ti-Misery" in the courtyard of their home (Four-Toed-Statue?). As for the Dharma Initiative's presence, the scientists on this island operate in a h…

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