How did Sun know that Ben was responsible for Jin's death? She's was after Ben as soon as they got back like she always knew, Locke didn't visit her... my guess is that Lapidus made the conclusion on Penny's boat that the device Keamy showed the captain was what detonated the C-4, but none of them could have known Ben killed him. In fact, Kate and Sayid thought Keamy was dead and none of the others met him. So what the heck? Why doesn't she blame Widmore, and how does she know to blame Ben?

Also, not really a hole I guess, but how DID Widmore finally find the island? Do we just assume he had people who detected the same anomaly as Penny's guys? Does anyone else think that's something that should be nailed down? Because I kinda hate it when writers ask you to make leaps like that, even in sub-subplots.

And my theory: Anybody remember the package Ben took out of the air vent in his and Jack's hotel room? I think this was the package Sun received that contained the gun and the pics of Ben & Jack taking Locke's body. I think he sent her that to make her come after him, so he could get her involved with the return, and I also think that the guys Sayid killed at Santa Rosa and his safe house and his attacker at the hospital were all working for Ben, all part of his manipulating all of them into getting back to the island. Thoughts?

First time post, by the way. Hello all!

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