• Moonrat14

    What happend to Fiji!?!?!?!

    February 15, 2010 by Moonrat14

    ok, sorry if this has been mentioned before but i'm kinda new....

    Anyway i was thinking waaaayyyy back to Season 1 and the Pilot(Seth Norris)said that the plane lost radio contact and had turned back towards Fiji and TWO hours later it crashed on the,

    the island couldnt have affected the planes radio as it was about two hours flight away from there (and according to the flight path was closer at one point) when it lost,

    1st: why did the plane lose contact if the island had nothing to do with it?? and

    more importantly 2nd: if the bomb had reversed time wouldnt the plane be on course for fiji? not LA so im wondering is this a mistake? or is the alternate LA timeline not the real one??

    i think it might be a mistake (e…

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