So I know the season is going to answer questions, I'm just curious what everyone wants answered the most. For me, I want to know what is up with Jack....I know, I know, everyone else is so more interesting but what does it mean when Matthew Fox is the only one of the cast to know the ending of LOST!!! Think about it.....Why did they tell him?????????? What is his purpose???? He is the first face (eye) we see in the beginning and I think he will the last....Is he gonna be the grand master??the new Jacob??? I mean come on...knowing that vital information the very ending is saying something...I think they wanted Jack to all whiny, a bit lost from the Jack he used to be, because the big picture is coming together for I said before he is piece to the puzzle that is gonna pull it all together. I think we will see the Jack we saw in the beginning!!! So I think maybe Jacob is his great grandfather or something and he will hand over his job to Jack...but I'm just throwing stuff out there...I'm not even gonna guess what is gonna happen. It is gonna blow our just wanna know what answer everyone is looking forward to?

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