So being a fan of Lost since the beginning...I haven't been too excited about the love stories, although I love Lost for everything else. However, watching La Fleur kind of changed that. I never really pictured Sawyer with Juliet or Kate for that matter. I was basically more of a Jack fan however, I am crossing over...I still love Jack but I tell ya putting Sawyer with Juliet kind of awakened the juicy love story side. I love love love Sawyer or James whatever now. This whole Sawyer being the leader is making me think too about what is going on that they are in 70's. Now that Jack and the gang are back are they going to fix the future..stop the purge...change the person Ben becomes???? I can't help but think that this pairing of Sawyer and Juliet and their level of comfort controlling things at this point has something to do with the unfolding of the answers. Look at Locke, he is alive on the island, so is Christian but dead off the island. Its all so confusing. But definitely think that Sawyer and Juliet are perfect for each other...they compliment each other. Juliet kind of makes Sawyer a better man and Sawyer encourages Juliet so they can kind of are good for each other...but I know, I know we gotta have some good old fashioned love triangles or in this case a foursome or whatever...

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