I'm confused about Jack and where he is going. Somehow I think this whole situation is wrapped around Jack. Don't get me wrong, all the characters are great and just as important...but Matthew is the star! You know You can diagree but come on, Matthew is the only cast member who knows the ending! I know right now Jack is not being the Jack we are used to..the strong leader who saves everybody. I'm dying to know how they are gonna change this....I just have this feeling that Jack is the center of this whole thing. Even though I love, love, love Sawyer!!!So I don't look for Jack to be accepting of his new situation very much longer. Something is going to happen, I just want to know what! I can't wait for the upcoming episodes. Ben and Locke! Sun and Jin! Ahhh! I'm so confused but so addicted!!!!!!!!!Anybody have any ideas about where they are taking Jack????

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