• Montecore's Revenge

    I should probably wait until I’ve had a reasonable time to absorb it to write about the series finale of Lost.

    I probably should, but I’m not.

    Before I get to my evaluation of the episode itself, I’ll go back to the five criteria I mentioned last time, and merely give a straightforward response to how (or whether) each question was answered:

    1. What is the conclusion of the Man in Black / Smoke Monster’s story? This one was answered definitively. With the “Source” gone out, it seemed as though the island’s mysterious properties were suspended. That’s the explanation I’m going with as to why Kate’s last shot actually damaged the Man in Black. I suppose that’s also why Desmond was considered a “fail-safe” for Jacob. Desmond could de-power …

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  • Montecore's Revenge

    “What they Died For” was an action-packed show that sets up things for Sunday quite nicely. I’m not going to spend as much time on the episode synopsis / analysis this week, as we’ve only got four days until it’s all over.

    Overall, I thought it was a very strong episode. My only complaint would be the same one I’ve made the last few weeks: Namely, some of the events seemed rushed.

    Widmore’s final scene and death was particularly congested. Both he and Richard deserved better send-offs after all they’ve contributed to the series as characters. However, there simply isn’t time. And, yes, I’m assuming that Richard, like Lapidus, is dead.

    That’s one of the good things about the finale - the extended length may mean that some of those overly-…

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  • Montecore's Revenge

    Whew, boy. “Across the Sea.” We learned some things, that’s for sure. But one of the things we learned is that there’s a bunch of new stuff we haven't learned. My head hurts a little.

    Two key points at the outset:

    - I had already given up on MiB and Jacob being from the future, but the broad strokes cut by this episode have even wider implications for what’s been happening on the island during its long history.

    - What I think I got right was the following: 1. The Man in Black isn’t “evil,” at least not in the way most people think of the concept. He's a damaged soul who's lived a life of psychological abuse and frustration. 2. The Man in Black is “special.”

    In part of last week’s blog that I decided to edit out after commenters suggested …

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  • Montecore's Revenge

    "The Candidate” was a straightforward, light-on-mythology episode that focused mostly on OT plot development. I thought the show was fairly strong, but I’m concerned about the “progress” of the FST.

    I said two weeks ago that the FST needed to “get a move on” to get where it was going. Presumably, that’s some form of merger with the OT. That seemed imminent three episodes ago. Yet, here we are, with a gap yet to bridge. We got the obligatory look into the mirror, and we had Locke muttering things about pushing the button and wishing you had believed me, coupled with his seeming epiphany when Jack said that he wished Locke believed him, but nothing more concrete than that.

    It’s possible that the merger won’t take place until the final episode.…

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  • Montecore's Revenge

    As soon as I finished watching this week’s episode, my initial take was that the fan reaction would be of two minds: Many would enjoy the action, frenetic pace, and the myriad characters. Others would be frustrated by the lack of primary plot advancement.

    Whether that’s the case or not, I would be firmly in the former camp. I can appreciate the possible complaint that not much serious revelation took place, but there are a lot of “i’s” that need dotting and “t’s” that need crossing before we get to the end. “The Last Recruit” helped accomplish some of that. It was a straightforward episode that didn’t deal too much with the show’s mythology, but did push the story toward a point where we’ll get those answers.

    I said last week that: “The …

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