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May 24, 2010
  • Mollymagoo

    My own rewrite for Michael being "stuck" on the island. Didn't like that he was stuck for killing Ana Lucia/Libby when Ben killed so many people, including his own father, Dharma Initiative, Locke and he gets offered a chance to lead the island as #2, and maybe move on as seen in flash sideways?! Doesn't make sense. If anyone is redeemable, despite their past, Michael should not have been stuck on the island.

    In theme with Jacob's perspective that one's past does not matter and that you always have a choice, Michael is on the island by choice. He choose to go on the freighter to redeem himself. When he died on the freighter, he remained on the island to be able to advise the candidates and future island protectors based on what he knows & s…

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  • Mollymagoo

    Another theory: The so-called Flash Sideways Timeline is a place the Losties go when they die. As Christian Shephard said, "this is a place you all created so you could be together again." When Jack & co. detonated the bomb in the hatch, it did two things. (1) it returned all the Losties to one time line on the island so they were no longer split between 1977 and present day. (2) Because "whatever happened happened" is an enduring concept, the Losties could not change anything in detonation of the bomb in terms of experiences in their linear timeline, as they had erroneously believed. Instead, it created the flash sideways, the alternate reality they could experience only when they died.

    Only the Losties are there because as candidates, th…

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  • Mollymagoo

    Theories: 1. One of Jacob's rules was that any child raised or born on the island is a candidate and cannot be killed by MIB, just as Jacob & MIB were both born on the island and could not kill each other. MIB seems to not be able to kill candidates but can convince others to do so (indirectly killing), as stated by Jack on the submarine. Juliet told Sun no woman makes it past the second trimester. That is when most women start to show, and MIB becomes aware of the pregnancy. He kills the mother, thus killing the child and prevents more candidates from being born on the island.

    2. Sun would not have died if she had remained on the island while pregnant, because she was protected by her own candidate status. However she was not aware of her …

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