First blog, don't know if i'm doing it right so sorry if it is screwed up.

This blog is about converting people into LOST fans. My first convert was a dude that works for me. He doesn't really watch TV and was highly skeptical and wasn't sure if he would like a show that seemingly is a bunch of people trapped on an island. Well I gave him season 1 on a Weds. The weekend came and I went and when I came into work on Monday he said that he was in wal-mart at 1 in the morning itching to buy season 2. He blew through all the seasons and was able to catch up in time for the 2nd half of the the last season.

My 2nd Convert was a Friend and his girlfriend, who i really didn't expect to indulge. Well they are sooooo into it. All along the way asking me questions and trying to figure out what is going on. It was fun for me to give them hints or purposefully lead them into the wrong direction so they had some surprise. I have been rewatching a lot of the episodes with them. It's fun for me to see them for a 3rd time but even more fun to see people watching it for the 1st time. They just completed the 5th season and have no access the 6th season so they will have to come over to my house and watch it with me. I haven't watched the 6th season a 2nd time yet so it should be fun.

Anyways, converting people into LOST fans is fun and I hope you all have had similar experiences.

I have failed only once. My boss couldn't get through the 1st 2 episodes.

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