I know a lot of people feel very strongly that Richard is going to show up on the Black Rock, but I think (more like hope) that he is way older than that. Like waaaaay older. I mean, does the eye liner really scream 1800's slave trader to you? To me it seems more like something egyptian. This is just an idea mind you, and my whole theory doesn't just rest on eye liner alone. The history of the Island dates way back, so far in fact that the 1800's doesn't seem like that long ago. At least that's the impression I get. I just finished the episode "Some like it Hoth" season 5. The scene where Jack is cleaning the classroom, and Roger Linus comes in and gets pissed. The chalk board has some stuff on it about egyptian history dating back to 2600 BC along with some hieroglyphics. Maybe DHARMA is teaching them things they learned on and about the Island. If so, than when they say that Richard has been here for a "long time" , they mean it. Again, just a thought. Any ideas?

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