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February 3, 2010
  • Mizzoulostfan

    All LOST fans out there who wish to remain entirely unaware of what is to happen in the next month and a half of the show MUST avoid looking at future episode titles, primarily the episode before the finale as it a major spoiler at this point. after hearing about the fact that it contained a bit of a spoiler i was curious to see what it could possibly be, and i certainly wish i would have waited until the season played out to see it. so if you want to remain spoiler free, STAY AWAY FROM EPISODE TITLES!

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  • Mizzoulostfan

    As i watched what kate does tonight, I noticed numerous similarities between the traps set by claire in the jungle to the ones set by rousseau in the first season. To me they both seem to be in similar situations in their early time on the island(both arrived on the island pregnant, gave birth on the island, then lost their baby). I figure that Claire took over where Rousseau had been hiding for those sixteen years she spent on the island and continued to plant the traps that Rousseau set. The real question for me is, 1. what the hell has she been doing the past 3 years? and 2. Is she really "infected" or is Dogen saying that to convince Jack that Sayid must die?


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  • Mizzoulostfan

    I'm new to all of this, I've read a lot of blogs today and I've yet to see anyone mention that Locke did not die from his fall. This means that either 1. he didn't fall at all and is paralyzed from some other instance OR 2. Jacob still revives him from his 8 story fall. I feel like this is huge because it means that either Jacob still touches Locke (which we've come to understand to be quite significant) or Jacob doesn't come off the island at all. And of course we arent even sure when the island sinks, so Jacob could easily show up in the flash sideways reality. Something tells me MIB may also show up there in some respect.


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