More WHH mania. It's still too satisfying to look for this stuff.

There's a lot of fuzziness around the "Incident" from the first time we hear about it. This serves multiple purposes: it makes us even more interested due to the mystery piquing our curiosity; keeps everything in shadow so that when we actually see it, we still question it; and has a cool, X-files quality. It's both a literary technique and part of the story, reality mixed with metaphor.

Like everything in Lost.

As anyone who's read my posts or comments before knows, I'm a big proponent of the WHH theory. In other words, what we saw in "The Incident" was always the Incident. Whenever I watch the show I keep my eye out for things which might be evidence for this idea; but I've always missed the one staring us square in the face.

The fact Chang even calls the accident at the Swan the "Incident" screams WHH.

Think about it. If the Incident was actually what happened simply as a result of Dharma breaching the rock surrounding the pocket of electromagnetism, why didn't Chang just say that? Why pause? "There was an...incident." It's as if there's too much to explain, or that it would be inappropriate in the context of an orientation film to do so. That the people watching it don't need to know. could be he knows who will eventually watch the film, knows they can't learn what the Incident really entailed. Until they cause it.

It could be all these, or, of course, none. If you've read any of my posts on Imaginary Space/Time, you know I think there's room for alternate timelines even if the timeline can't be changed. But it seems the story will not feel as deep nor move us as much if the things we've watched the Losties do for the past five seasons wasn't what happened.

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